Lead Generation For Beginners #FreebieMonday

Over the past year or so you probably heard the term “Content is king” echo through the internet. What’s more, you most likely already know that content is a sure way to generate email leads. While it is true that content is your key to success, there are also other ways that you can lock down your leads. 

However to reach that success, tracking content consumption is what makes sure that you don’t just create random leads, but that you get quality prospects. Idio wrote about the importance of quality over quantity, but how does one go for quality? Research showed that what a prospect reads before he becomes a lead is hugely influential in understanding their needs, which in turn impacts your marketing strategies – helping you reach the right customer whose needs are met.

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A Retailer’s Guide to Growing a High Quality Mailing List

Email marketing starts with a list! A high quality mailing list, means a more captive audience, higher open and click through rates, and most importantly there’s more chance the audience will take you up on your call-to-action.

Of course, it’s not all in the list. Targeted and relevant email campaigns are a must have for successful email marketing. But that too, starts with your list. A mindfully created list has the data in it to help you segment your audience and create targeted and personalized emails that are relevant to each segments’ interests and preferences.

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20 Ways to Repurpose a Blog Post

Content, content, content. It’s the modern marketer’s mantra, much the way real estate brokers say “location, location, location”. Trouble is, creating so much content is a lot of work. The model of Every Business As Publisher can stress out almost any small business marketer. 

Fortunately, there’s a fix. Instead of creating more and more content, just recycle the content you’ve got. And because the most likely piece of content you’ve got is blog posts, that’s the format we’re using as the template for this content repurposing list. I’m not saying it won’t take some time to repurpose your blog posts into these formats – it will. And I’m not saying you should convert every post you’ve ever written into these pieces. You shouldn’t.

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9 Excuses That Keep You From Getting A Paid Client

A lot of people want to monetize their blogs, they want to help other people solve a problem that they are really good at solving. They might have the formal training and certification to do this, or the experience of working with others. They might have their own life journey where they overcame this problem themselves and now feel like they must help others.

Helping people in a certain area might come naturally to them and they find that all of their friends and people in their lives keep coming to them for help. They know they can coach, teach, or train others. But something is stopping them from actually making an offer.

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Is Facebook Advertising Really Worth It?

Your social media campaign almost invariably can be broken down into two distinct categories – your organic efforts, and your bought efforts. The aim of both games is of course first to get more ‘likes’, followers, engagement and connections, and from these to go on to acquire actual conversions in terms of subscribers and of course sales. 

Your organic efforts in seeking out these things will inevitably entail the likes of content creation and curation. You will be writing blogs, composing tweets, providing links to breaking news in your industry, making videos and pinning pins. Through these you will be hoping to expand your reach across the internet, build your brand awareness and drive traffic to your site – and it works.

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How To Personalize Your Emails with Dynamic Content #FreebieMonday

All email marketers eventually face the same problem – low subscriber engagement. It’s natural that your readers will lose interest in your messages, especially if you’re sending them the same content regardless of who they are or what they are interested in. If this sounds familiar to you and you’re dealing with decreasing open rates and a shrinking email list, you’ll find your solution in Dynamic Content. If you want to personalize your campaigns and send relevant, unique emails, that’s the answer you’ve been looking for. 

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9 Excuses Keeping You From Creating An Information Product

You must have heard this advice: stop trading hours for dollars, and you might be wondering what it really means. Well, basically you are being advised to package your expertise and skills in such a way that you remove the limit on the number of people you can actually serve, without getting burned out in the process. You still do what you love, and you also help a maximum number of people by creating streams of passive income. So this applies to you if you are a coach, consultant, therapist, service professional, or somebody who works one on one with people. No matter how much you love your job and you helping people, you only have a set number of hours in a day.

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9 Social Media Rules You Should Break

You’ve heard the metaphor about how social media is like being at a party, right? It’s a good framework to understand a medium that’s both new and completely tied up with human foibles, judgments, and egos. Many social media etiquette rules immediately make more sense when you use the party metaphor, like:

  • Don’t talk only about yourself.
  • Don’t take over conversations.
  • Say something nice or don’t say anything at all.
  • Ask the people you know to introduce you to people you don’t know.

That last one is a nice segway into what we’ll cover in this post. As you know, sometimes there’s someone you want to meet, but you have no mutual friends. You either have to break a rule or you’ll never meet that person. So you probably decide to break (bend?) the friends-introduce-friends rule, and you devise a non-creepy way to introduce yourself and get to know that interesting person.

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Email Re-Activation Strategies That Will Save You Money

Re-activating customers who are no longer engaging with your emails should be part of your regular email marketing strategy and factored into your customer lifecycle. It is a fact of life that people will lose interest over time. Although you can reduce that disinterest by working harder to keep people engaged (more on that later), it will happen that people will stop opening your emails. Be ready to re-activate when that happens.


Realize You’re Leaving Money on the Table

At some point, that consumer wanted to hear from you. And at some point, they handed over their email address and said “yes” to your emails. They opted-in ,they were interested. However, they haven’t been curious lately, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be again!

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5 Must Have Tools For Creating A Great Webinar

Webinars are a great but for some reason under-used tool for the purposes of content marketing. If you think about the best ever blog post that you’ve written, something that was at once deeply informative, entertaining, paved the way for some new thinking within your industry, drove an unprecedented amount of traffic to your website, and was most likely directly responsible for a few conversions to boot…

… Well, then just think about the sort of response you could get if you delivered the same quality of content live across the web to an attentive audience which had the ability to give, receive and discuss all of the information that you covered in real time.

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